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  • Felicia Scarangello

    Felicia Scarangello

    Likes the funny. Brooklyn Mama. Delaware raised. New to Medium, so be nice. TV prod vet: Bravo, Style, GSN, TLC, MTV, VH-1…

  • Amelia Matus

    Amelia Matus

  • Jude Flannelly

    Jude Flannelly

    Sketch Writer/Actor. Queens NY. I’m much better in person I promise. Follow Twitter: @jflannelly12 Instagram: @jflannelly for more giggles.

  • Randal Kamradt Sr

    Randal Kamradt Sr

    Software dev for thirty years still keeping on top of the latest tech trends. I write about the learning process. https://rkamradt.github.io/

  • Nicole Erb

    Nicole Erb

  • Josef Konderla

    Josef Konderla

    British copywriter living in Helsinki, Finland

  • Max Barth

    Max Barth

    comedian, writer, Libra moon, all my stuff >> https://linktr.ee/MaxBarth

  • Kegan Witzki

    Kegan Witzki

    Actor. Writer. Musician. www.keganwitzki.com

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