Norrköping Meandering

Some Reflections on Sweden’s Manchester

A pedestrian pathway through an old industrial pipe in Norrköping; the pathway is now unfortunately closed
Well-lit pedestrian bridges crisscross the Motala Ström in central Norrköping’s Industrial Landscape district
Holmens Bruk in central Norrköping during its industrial era (photo courtesy of Norrköpings Stadsmuseum)
Värmekyrkan in central Norrköping is now home to the city’s tourism bureau and hosts rotating exhibits; the traveling Titanic and Harry Potter exhibits were hosted here when they visited Sweden, not in Stockholm
Arbetetsmuseum is housed in the yellow-painted Styrkjärnet building on an island in the middle of Motala Ström; the artist, Carl Milles, once said it was Sweden’s most beautiful industrial building
The Katscha building in central Norrköping; designed by Finnish architect Kai Wartiainen and winner of numerous “building of the year” awards in 2016
“The Bridge is closed: We must unfortunately close the bridge until further notice because it is in poor condition. An investigation regarding the bridge’s functionality is underway.”
Emelie Schepp is the Queen of Norrköping crime fiction (photo by Helén Karlsson)
Windows blown out of an apartment building where a bomb was detonated in Norrköping on January 22, 2020 (photo: Magnus Andersson)
Modern streetcars travel through Norrköping, as seen here on Drottninggatan, the city’s main thoroughfare

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